A dragon needs water

In this week’s session, we draw a Dragon! This one dreams of being a firefighter, but he is alone on a planet close to the sun, without water.

As our dad was reading us a new story about a Dragon that loved dreaming of being a firefighter, I also started to design it in my weekly episode. But what does a dragon need to fight fire? He needs water! Seems quite apparent, but then we ask why the dragon is out without water. Perhaps because he lives on a different planet, too close to the sun, and that’s why no water was around him to help fulfil his dream…. So we started to picture him on a planet, close to the sun and super thirsty for water.

After much exercise, I managed to get quite close to what I pictured in my imagination:

Ribunok Dragon

So like dogs, we wanted him to put his tongue out.

I also used new painting technics and materials to try myself out on the new ground. After drawing the skeleton, I painted on top of it to follow the guide, and the result was not too bad. There is, of course, room for improvement.

As always, in our weekly briefing, we shared it with Ana, who truly made it magically come to life:

Now we shall all give him a name. Please leave a proposal in the comments below. I have some from Viktor but let’s not use them as they are weird.

Next week we are planning to bring some monkeys to the table. Stay tuned for more design and funny behind-the-scenes construction with Ribunok. 

Rayan and Viktor

Rayan Alleg
Rayan Alleg
Rayan Alleg is the Creative Director and co-founder of He is 4 years old but already quite the seed of another entrepreneur, Haider Alleg.

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