General questions

Our product are stored in Barcelona in a facility and we do ship a security stocks to the warehouse to ensure capacity.

Dropshipping isn’t something we do.

It depends where you are, but in Europe and Switzerland you can count on 3 to 5 working days, but in the US and elsewhere it can go up to 15 days.

Indeed, you have 14 days to return the product. Check our refund policy for more information.

No. Only credit cards. In some pop-up stores you will have to pay also with a phone or a card.

We take a great care to source product that are respectful to people, to the environment and to the society in general. We do reduce our margin on eco-friendly product to promote them more.

Ribunok is a family business, with the idea coming from a young boy named Rayan. The businss is run through a swiss company registered as Kainjoo Consulting Group SA. You shouldn’t be surprise to see the name Kainjoo or Kainjoo Consulting Group next to your paiement.

Design studio

Yes. Rayan and Viktor are taking weekly meetings to draw new ideas and transform them into t-shirt.

They also use online platform to get inspired but 90% of what they do is designed in Morges, Switzerland.

At first, we were taking a design and used our graphical team at Kainjoo to turn it into vector ready file for print.

Now we use AI generative models to do that at scale, and you can soon do it too.

All our profits are going to an association in Ukraine locally to help support children in getting materials for reading, drawing and schooling.

Rayan and Viktor visited Ukraine every year before the war and are deeply connected to the events occuring. 

By uploding your design, you are transfering the copyrights to Kainjoo Consulting Group SA. This is why we do not authorise pictures but original sketches that are copyright free.

As we are testing the beta version it is free in the limited capacity we offered. Tomorrow, we might offer a pricing model that will also help you monetize your creations and run Ribunok as a platform for your own business.

Ribunok means children in Russian and behind the brand there is a community of kids and parents who want to teach values such as work, quality, entrepreneurship and humanism.